The Essence Of Being A Tour Guide

For people who are contemplating a different career, going into a route where ones passions reside would be the right direction to go. If it is travel and a passion for history that one’s interests lay, being a tour guide may be a good option to take advantage of such interests in having a fulfilling job. But being a tour guide is something more than just having a love for travel and history. Here are some things that an aspiring tour guide needs to know before taking that full plunge into such a career.

Tour Guide Skills

A good tour guide depends on well-honed skills in order to be good at the job. And for a tour guide, these skills really matter a lot. They include:

  • Good Public Speaking Skills– speaking to a group of tourists is a main part of the job for every tour guide. A tour guide must be able to clearly covey the message that makes a crown of tourists understand.
  • People Skills– since tour guides need to deal with throngs of tourists as they guide them through the city, they need to have good people skills to handle all kinds of people all of the time.
  • Energetic– it is also the job of a tour guide to keep tourists and visitors interested and engaged during the trip. This usually means that they should always be energetic to a point that it becomes contagious. This should something that tour guides be able to maintain almost all day.
  • Logistics and Planning Skills tour guides should also know how to organize and plan a tour as well as the important schedules and time duration. This will ensure that each portion of the trip follows the schedule from start to finish.

Tour Guide Job Security

If being a tour guide is a career that you wish to pursue, you should know that this profession usually works on a seasonal basis. There are times when work is always available, especially in the peak tourist season. But there can also be times when jobs are hard to come by, especially in the off season. Most tour guides usually have a second profession as a back up to compensate for the times when tour guide jobs are scarce.

Tour Guide Pay

Tour guides usually are paid rarely more than the minimum wage. But on peak seasons, experienced tour guides can earn hundreds of dollars in a day. They can also get tips from tourists who find their tours quite interesting and fun.
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